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NANO SOMA Immune Spray 

The holy grail of immune system support, our patented spray formula improves energy and strengthens immunity. 

This plant-based, five ingredient emulsion containing nano policosanol delivers a safe, revolutionary method of helping the body restore key biological functions. 

NANO SOMA Immune Spray adapts to the body with consistent supplementation. Take five (5) sprays daily twice a day (first month) on your mouth, or under the tongue or  directly on your skin.. 

After 1st month take (5) sprays once a day.


Ninety percent of our cells are viruses and other microbes. This fact has so far been ignored by the Pharma and Medical establishment. The consequences are that mankind still suffers from diseases. This is what NANO SOMA seeks to addresses. Our genes make their day-to-day decisions based on chemical information they receive from the food we eat, information encoded in our food and carried from that food item’s original source, a microenvironment of land or sea. In that sense, NANO SOMA is less like a fuel and more like a language conveying information. What is most fascinating, is the intelligence of the system. It seems our genes have found ways to take notes, to remind themselves what to do with the various nutrients they are fed. Through mechanisms not fully understood, DNA has been programmed at some point in the past by epigenetic markers that can turn certain DNA portions on or off in response to certain nutrients. (NANO SOMA is one of them) NANO SOMA is Retraining the Forgetful Genome: The entire programming system is designed for change; these markers can, apparently, fall off, causing the genetic brain to forget, at least temporarily, previously programed information. This forgotten information can be recalled, given the right environment. This is why we all have the potential to be genetic lottery winners, because a forgetful genome can be retrained. NANO SOMA is retraining the forgetful genome in all of us!. NANO SOMA Improves Immune System: NANO SOMA Assists in Improving the immune system, Enhancing wound healing, Stimulating cell regeneration, Promoting healthy energy levels. This nano emulsion of policosanol—a substance derived from naturally occurring plant waxes known as long-chain lipid alcohols—is nanoencapsulated to 60 nanometers.

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