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Usage Protocols


Usage Protocols for the MagicDichol® Family of Products

The following guidelines only apply in those countries where NANO SOMA® can be used both orally and topically. In those countries where local regulations prevent its use for either oral or topical use, please abide by the local usage regulations for your country. Further, the METASOMER® Topical Gel and the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream are not available in all countries. NANO SOMA is a registered brand name for Metadichol®. Other names may be used in other markets.

These products do not treat, heal or cure anything. Rather, they prompt our bodies to take care of themselves in ways we never imagined possible.

NANO SOMA® Spray Usage Protocol:

  • For health maintenance, use 5 sprays in your mouth once/day. When people truly understand what NANO SOMA is and does, in our opinion EVERYONE will do this for the rest of their lives.

  • If you are over 50 we recommend you use 5 sprays once/day for the first week, then use one bottle in the second week (5 sprays, 4 times/day), a second bottle over the next two weeks (5 sprays twice/day) and a third bottle over the next 4 weeks (5 sprays once/day); i.e., normal health maintenance usage.

  • If you have a known existing health condition, we suggest you use 5 sprays, 4 times/day until your condition is cleared.

  • Some users have reported that 5 sprays every hour for 12 hours can get a stubborn condition moving.

  • Use it with gratitude, positive expectation and belief in the wonder of this gift to humanity. If you take it with a large serving of scepticism or disbelief, it may well not work for you.

  • Some people experience a healing crisis (see description below) when they begin to use NANO SOMA. In this case, we recommend you begin with one spray/day, gradually building up to 5 sprays/day. If one spray is still too much, reduce to one drop from a cotton bud on your wrist daily for a week or two, then use one spray/day and work up.

  • For eye or ear issues you may wish to pour some NANO SOMA into a squeeze eye dropper bottle and put a drop in each eye or ear once or twice a day. It stings briefly in the eye but is safe. People report benefits with cataracts, glaucoma and tinnitus as well as blindness.

  • For the nose, we suggest purchasing an inexpensive, empty nasal spray (or rinsing out its contents if it contains another product) and filling it with NANO SOMA. Spraying NANO SOMA in your nose helps to clear out the resident bacteria and viruses and provides more direct access to the lungs.

In addition, Master Medical Intuitive Lorraine Mill observed (about 3:30 in) that spraying NANO SOMA up your nose supports your body’s ability to clear the pineal gland.


NANO SOMA is perfectly safe to use with animals. In fact, animals usually respond more rapidly to NANO SOMA than people do.

As with us, the amount you use is not critical. You cannot overdose on NANO SOMA (unless you use many years’ supply in a day). However, it’s natural to use less for a chihuahua than a horse…

You may also spray NANO SOMA on the paws of a cat or dog, or on their food or water. If you spray NANO SOMA in your pet’s water, be mindful that its efficacy will begin to drop if it stays in the water for longer than a day without consumption.

We recommend using 2 sprays once/day with a chihuahua and 10 sprays once/day with a horse. These are just a guideline. Go with what you feel. When there is a clear health condition to support the body with, more often as you get started is good. 

You can use the NANO SOMA Liquid topically, though the METASOMER Topical Gel is a better option for topical use.

There are some wonderful animal testimonials at 

METASOMER® Topical Gel

For skin problems and open wounds, apply METASOMER Topical Gel directly on the affected area at least twice/day. For facial skin problems and age spots, apply directly on the affected area at least twice/day.

The METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is another excellent option for use on the face.

METASOMER® Telomerase Natural Skin Cream

The METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is sold as a cosmetic. As with the other two products, the nanoemulsion  of policosanol triggers the natural production of Vitamin C in the cells, which is critical to the production of collagen in the skin. 

The cream contains no oils, which block the skin pores, and has a pleasant organic vanillin fragrance.

Most people simply love the gentle, organic vanilla fragrance.

However, some at first find the fragrance negative or overwhelming. This strongly parallels the experiences some have when beginning to use the NANO SOMA Liquid. Any reaction you may have to the vanilla fragrance in the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is EXACTLY the same issue – an underlying health condition that is still awaiting healing.

The METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream has been thoroughly tested by a leading fragrance tester and supplier to the cosmetics industry (IFF) and does not upset even the most sensitive noses when the person’s health is optimal.

However, a heightened or increased sense of smell (known as hyperosmia) may be triggered by a range of health conditions, including but not limited to: epilepsy, Addison’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Obesity, Psychiatric Conditions, and pregnancy.

So, as with NANO SOMA, the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream can trigger a response that looks like it’s an issue with the product when it’s not.

What to do?

If you are using the NANO SOMA Liquid and/or the METASOMER Topical Gel, you may wish to stop using the cream for a few weeks to allow your body to prompt the underlying health condition to be cleared.

If you are only using the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream, you may wish to obtain one or both of the other products and use them to prompt your body to clear the underlying health issue.

Alternatively, as with NANO SOMA, you can simply acknowledge the reactivity will be prompted to clear with continued use of the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream.

Healing Crisis or Reaction:

Metadichol® is made from all natural, food-based ingredients and has no known side effects. Some users (most do not) may experience a healing crisis, which can happen when natural health remedies work. This usually passes in a day or two. The signs and symptoms of a healing crisis are often identical to the illness itself. For example, cough, fever, pain, rashes and itchiness are all possible healing reactions. Sometimes, the condition may get worse during the detoxification period before it gets better. Just drink lots of water, take plenty of rest, eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat, do some exercise daily to sweat it out, get some daily sun exposure and keep using the MagicDichol Family of Products. If needed, use the cotton bud startup described above.

This young woman shared her clearing experience with us.

These products have not been evaluated by US FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This website is not providing medical advice, nor are any companies supplying NANO SOMA or METASOMER or their associates or directors medical doctors. For medical advice and if symptoms persist, please consult your health professional.

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